Country Estate Wedding near Enid, Oklahoma

  1. Kenny O'Neal says:

    I’m over the moon!!! I love you both

  2. Jessie O'Neal says:

    BEAUTIFUL! So glad I was with you all on your special day. Love you both!

  3. Joy says:

    I remember the very day Carter started talking to Allie. They went to the lake not too long after and poor Allie was SO sunburned! Love you guys! You know we’re always here for you!

  4. Gran T says:

    Carter, we were present at your birth, your first 11 years, your high school graduation, and now your wedding, which was absolutely perfect. What a blessing you have been to us! Now we have a new granddaughter. Allie is now ours to love too. We pray you will have many happy years together. Never give up. We love you two. God bless you.

  5. Lisa says:

    I remember the first date you both went on Carter came and picked you and had dip in his mouth. I thought to myself oh man. But he turned out to be an awesome guy and I wouldn’t change a thing. Welcome to the family Carter we love you and so proud of you both. You guys will have a awesome future together.

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